Woodworking SLOW MOTION

Simply amazing – professional woodworking, cutting, jointing, shaping, drilling at a rate of 10,000 frames per second.

Format-4 Industry 4.0 for Atomic Skis

The world's leading ski giant ATOMIC is modernizing its production, relying on high-tech CNC and state-of-the-art FORMAT-4 automation solutions.

FORMAT-4 tempora:

Change of gluepot within seconds

Returnsystem FORMAT-4 U-motion professional

Production maximisation for single person operation also for your workshop

HAMMER® woodworking project "top bar hive"

In the latest HAMMER enthusiast video project, we build our hardworking bee colony a beautiful home in its most natural form - a top bar hive! Download Plan

LIGNA Highlights 2017

See all of the latest innovations and news for our Felder and Format-4 woodworking machines!

Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock

Plane sensationally quietly with the Silent-POWER® spiral cutterblock. Exclusive for planer/thicknessers from the Felder Group.

DIY Hot tub of wood, made with FELDER® woodworking machines

Build together with us this highlight for fun, joy and relaxation, In this do-it-yourself video we will show you step by step how easy it is to produce a wooden hot tub with your Felder woodworking machines. Plan and planing software can be found here: Download plan

Welcome to the FELDER GROUP

60 Years of FELDER - Woodworking machines from Austria

Highlights LIGNA Hannover

What's new at a glance

FORMAT-4® profit H10

Cutting foam with c-tech

FORMAT-4 profit H10

Cabinet construction | Clamex-P

FORMAT-4 profit H08 with unloading station

CNC-Nesting - Efficiency in the smallest of spaces

FORMAT-4 profit H08

The profit H08 from Format-4 is the CNC machining centre for professional nesting applications in the smallest of spaces.

LIGNA Highlights 2013

LIGNA is undoubtedly the most important international woodworking exhibition for hobby, business and industry.

FORMAT-4 c-express 920

CNC drilling and milling centre

Silent-POWER® - Spiral knife Cutterblock

The silent cutterblock unique for new FELDER, HAMMER and FORMAT-4 jointers and/or planers.

FORMAT-4 profit H10

Panel cutting, drilling and milling in any shape desired, all in one process!

FORMAT-4 kappa 400

The new Kappa 400, a lot of saw for your money!

FORMAT-4 perfect 608

Premium Edgebander perfect 608

Hammer A3 series

10”, 12” or 16” jointing and planing width for outstanding results that will impress even the most discerning woodworker!

FORMAT-4 Standard: Software FlashSimulator

3D CNC real time simulation incl. collision detection. You stay safe!

FORMAT-4 CNC Cabinet design

Flash 3D, the cabinet software. Planing and construction of furniture in a whole new dimension.

FORMAT-4 CNC Special projects

Simple production of complex designs - the impossible made possible

Perfect 710 “Premium” ­edgebander

Productivity, versatility and precision in one!

FORMAT-4 CNC-Software

FlashFrame - the FORMAT-4 Window-Software

FORMAT-4 exact 63

630 mm planing width meets every requirement!

FORMAT-4 CNC potential check

CNC will be the standard machine of the future. CNC removes limitations.